Lobster & Oyster Bar


In 1935 Ernst Manz launched his Lobster and Oyster Restaurant in the “Guild hall” of the Hotel St. Gotthard. Since then the Hummerbar, as it is locally known, has become one of the leading gourmet restaurants in Zürich culinary circles and a true Bahnhofstrasse institution. It has welcomed a star-studded list of high-profile guests, many of whose photographs can be seen on the walls - Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gunther Sachs and many more. They have come to celebrate achievements, to reunite with friends, to enjoy a gourmet business lunch or to dine à deux.

The Lobster and Oyster Restaurant combines tradition with innovation in the preparation of lobsters, oysters and seafood of all kinds. The main influence here is French gourmet cuisine, but with a distinct Mediterranean accent. Fresh lobsters and oysters can be appreciated in complete simplicity or in mouth-wateringly innovative dishes, all in an elegant setting with luxurious 1930s style.



Twice daily deliveries from Europe’s finest sources allow us to offer at our restaurant the freshest seafood, oysters and lobsters available. Whether it is fish, meat or vegetables, our chef insists on exquisite raw materials. Naturally, our offering reflects seasonal specialities, but there are also several perennial favourites such as our flambéed crêpes Suzette which are not to be missed! And needless to say, our attentive but discreet service is calibrated to allow you to enjoy your experience at our gourmet restaurant to the full.



The Hummerbar was founded in 1935 by Ernst Manz. The original idea was to create a place that would awaken the inner gourmet in its guests. This required the creation of a new environment, a perfect showcase for French cuisine and fine Bordeaux wines. The Lobster and Oyster Restaurant was born.

Famous people dined in the Lobster Bar

This place, which has often been likened to a stage, became a frequent haunt of the world's nobility and business elite. Myriad famous names have dined in the Lobster and Oyster restaurant and enjoyed a wonderful atmosphere. An anecdote in this regard says that the Third Aga Khan had to be politely advised by the Grand Dame de Bar to take off his hat before being served at the Lobster and Oyster Restaurant. This anecdote reflects the fashionable esteem in which the Lobster and Oyster Restaurant was held at that time.

To preserve these traditions, the Manz family recruits staff at the Lobster and Oyster Restaurant, and indeed throughout its operations, with great care. This results in very high levels of staff loyalty. There are several examples of careers with us spanning 30 years and more.

The Lobster and Oyster Restaurant was also the first place in Switzerland to serve oysters. These came onto the menu just after the Second World War, setting a milestone in European gastronomy.

These days the Swiss know what oysters are

Caspar Manz, son of the founder Ernst Manz, notes in his book about the 100-year existence of the Hotel that: "The first 100 oysters that were offered were eaten in large part by my father and myself. The problem at the beginning was that the Swiss didn’t have a clue what to do with oysters. These days the Swiss know what oysters are, which is in large measure thanks to our efforts. In 2000 alone, over 100,000 oysters were ‘slurped’ by guests at the Lobster and Oyster Restaurant, so one can therefore say that the Lobster and Oyster Restaurant has built a worldwide reputation in the restaurant industry."

The Manz family is committed to maintaining a tradition of quality and consistency and to meet the highest expectations of all guests at the Lobster and Oyster Restaurant, through our signature dishes, our innovative gourmet variations, our wine, our service and our setting. This commitment sets the "Hummerbar" apart and has carried its name around the world for over 75 years.



What better way to forge new business opportunities, or to punctuate days of figures and decisions than to be transported by gourmet lobsters, oysters and seafood? For cuisine of this caliber you will find our service at lunch times surprisingly prompt, so you can maximize the pleasure within a limited schedule. Naturally, we will give you just the level of attention you need. We have also created a promotional price structure especially for business lunches, so you (or your accountant) will be pleasantly surprised when you receive the bill. Generations of Zürich’s bankers, insurers and businesspeople have made the "Hummerbar" a place to do business in style.

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